Good Deed Audio:

Neal Demazure
Owner & Chief Designer

Steve Demazure
Cabinetry & Woodworking




"When you can enhance a persons enjoyment of music,

  by providing a better instrument to produce it through, 

  you've done a good deed."

Based in the small town of New Boston, New Hampshire, Good Deed Audio is a home-based speaker design and assembly business. Started in 2011 to produce the Maduro Sonos cigar box speaker system, Good Deed Audio has also designed and produced several additional designs for home music listening as well as live sound applications.


Good Deed Audio is the father/son team of Steve Demazure and Neal Demazure, with Neal handling the design and assembly work and his father Steve completing all woodworking and cabinetry. 

The aim of Good Deed Audio is to design and produce unique speaker designs with very high quality sound reproduction using upcycled or unconventional materials.